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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to  Please, read carefully the following terms and conditions. 

To these terms and conditions appear as part of the first party Columpio Studio, hereinafteridentified as "The Company", "We" or "Us", "The Website", "The Company", "The Seller" or a reasonable substitute for the above.  

As part of the second party, the person who consumes content, browses, buys or makes any use of this website, identified as "The User", "The Visitor", "The Navigator", "The Customer", "The Buyer", or a reasonable substitute for the name.

Terms and conditions are enforced by law and constitute the agreements between the parties, related to the outlined issues. By browsing this website, creating an account and / or purchasing a product, you are accepting the policies, terms and conditions, as enacted and as they apply. The laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico will govern the business conducted by this Site, including, but not limited to, its regulations on contractual relationships. Also, the Federal laws of the United States will apply to all those matters that are preemption.

OUR WEBSITE is an online store dedicated to selling handmade wearable accessories. Our purpose is to create unique pieces that will elevate your wardrobe.

Through our website, we offer alternatives so that you can express yourself through fashion in an individual & ethical way.

This Site contains products and information with a high degree of professionalism and experience. Regarding the informative content and the products available on this Website, it is important that you know that the use of the material that we publish can offer you beneficial results, but we cannot guarantee results, due to the number of components and variables that We cannot control, when you use the products or use our techniques and advice.

None of our publications substitutes, equates, or compares to the opinion of a certified professional or expert.


TERMS OF SALE is an online shopping platform, recognized in the digital market. Visiting our website does not constitute a purchase obligation. All purchases made are completely free and voluntary.

The Company prohibits the resale of the products acquired through our website. The resale authorizations are licensed in compliance with the company’s protocol for such efforts.  If you wish to be part of our sales team or are interested in reselling our products, please email us at

The Company reserves the right to identify transactions for commercial purpose and/or reselling purpose, flagged them as suspicious and cancel the processing. In such cases, the company will refund the total amount of the transaction and all obligations between parties will be deemed extinguished.

Hereinafter, The Company is identified as the seller and the user who creates an account and / or provides authorization for a successful payment transaction is identified as the buyer.

For these purposes, the seller agrees to deliver items by mail and the buyer agrees to pay for the purchase. The objects of this contractual relationship will be defined per the buyer's selection and the fair price will be the one agreed by the parties at the time of final payment.

We suggest that the visitor becomes a user, when opening an account in his name to purchase products through our Website. However, opening an account is not a requirement for the purchase or sale. By choosing products from those marketed and available on our Website, the user accepts all the related terms and conditions. Once you proceed to payment, enter the information of the payment method and proceed to finalize the purchase; accept the terms and conditions related to the sale, returns, guarantees, the terms and conditions of the payment tools we use in our Site, and authorize the company to debit, charge or bill your provided bank account for the full amount of the transaction.

The payment method accepted by the Website is of credit, debit and our store gift cards. All transactions made on our Site are insured by our collection platform, so all the policies applicable to the payment method and those of our method of securing transactions are binding and apply to the user, who accepts them at the end of the transaction. Our Website does not store payment information or financial information of customers, except when the system is enabled and the customer selects to remember their information, after opening an account on our site. The banking institution in charge of processing transactions and payments does not retain information from our clients and is exclusively limited to processing the information provided by the client at the time of payment. The information submitted for the payment is used for the sole purpose of processing the present transaction; it will not be remembered by the banking institution for future transactions or additional procedures.

The products purchased through our Site are guaranteed, according to the Warranty Policies of this Site and their shipment is regulated by the Shipping Policy. We suggest that you consult both Policies before finalizing a purchase transaction on our Site.

Once the user completes the purchase transaction, it is considered final in order to enjoy all the legal guarantees that may arise as a consequence.

Transactions that are completed by the user, but rejected by our Site, because the payment method used has been declined, are not final. If the client does not provide a new valid payment method, the transaction will be canceled.

The user who chooses to open and maintain an account with us may have a list or shopping cart, with products or services that they wish to purchase. Placing these items in said space does not constitute a pre-purchase and does not grant you rights to the product, whose availability is not guaranteed until the purchase is complete. The products or services will remain in the cart for a defined term. After this term, the products will be removed; this will not prevent the user from placing them again.

The user will receive an email confirmation, once the purchase transaction is completed and the order begins to be processed. At that moment, the company will be working hard to prepare the order and handle shipment. When the order is shipped, the user will be notified and when the order is received by the user, we are notified. The receipt of the order by the user or his authorized representative constitutes the perfection of the sale contract between the parties. For more details about shipping you can check our Shipping Policy.


Our store offers the opportunity to purchase gift cards as the perfect present for every occasion. Please, read carefully our Policy before buying a Gift Card or processing a payment with one.

Our Gift Cards are valid to use indefinitely after the purchase.
The purchase of a Gift Card cannot be cancelled or the money returned under any circumstances.
Orders partially paid with gift card may reflect a pending balance.  The order will not be deemed final, until the balance is paid using a different payment method.
Products purchased with a gift card may require additional shipping cost if the Gift Card does not hold enough balance for the total of the transaction.
The Client using a Gift Card as a payment method will be responsible for shipping costs in case of returns and manufacture defects, according to such policies.
A cash refund will never be granted if an order is canceled according to our cancelation policy, after using a Gift Card as a payment method.



Purchase transactions on our Site are final, when collection is completed through the bank transaction. Once the bank transaction is approved, we process your order within 3 to 5 business days.  Our manufacturing process starts within 24 hours of the purchase.  Therefore, orders will not be cancelled after 24 hours of purchase.

If, within the period from when you make the order until the beginning  of manufacturing, you understand that you do not want it, you can request a cancellation by sending an email to

The email should include the following information:

1. Name of person who made the order.
2. Mailing address, email and phone number of the person who is canceling the order.
3. Order number.
4. Date when the order was made.
5. Item number or name.
6. Description of the product/service.
7. Reason for cancellation.

Once the cancellation is determined, we will grant a store credit, which you can use within the following 90 days. No refunds will be made. The company will process the cancellation request and once it is proceeding, a credit will be granted for the same amount of the transaction.  

The damages covered are those of manufacture only and the product must be intact, without use, without odors, without marks of any external agent including but not limited to lipsticks, ink, paint, and must show no evidence of washing or any other alteration that is not exclusively a manufacturing damage.

Defects or manufacturing damages will be evaluated by our team and the decision of approval for an exchange or credit, will be at our sole discretion.

The product must be returned within a maximum term of 24 hours from the date that the order was received and the customer will cover the shipping costs. If we understand that it is indeed a manufacturing defect, we will exchange the product, and cover the shipping costs of the replacement. If the customer receives a credit, they will be responsible for sending the productsthey purchase when using the credit.

Credits will be valid for 90 days.


The customer will have the alternative of selecting what type of shipping they want for the delivery of their products. The company will provide the information related to the postal service, including estimated delivery dates and costs. The customer will be solely responsible for the shipping costs.

The company will not be responsible for wrong or incomplete addresses provided by the customer, lost or stolen packages, delays or damages to the product or packaging caused by the weather, and any damages caused by the postal service during the handling or delivery process. The company will not be responsible for the faithful and strict compliance with shipping dates and will not be bound by any guarantee for these purposes. Delays and special circumstances in processing known by the company will be properly announced. 

The company will be responsible for shipping costs only in cases where the company determines that there has been manufacturing defects and grants a product replacement.


We want you to be satisfied with your purchase on our website. That is why we guarantee:

Dedicated customer service.

• The faithful compliance with the processing time. We guarantee that your order will leave our service center within 24 hours of completing the order unless stated otherwise in the case of pre-orders.

• The fidelity of the representation. We make a great effort to promote visual material that constitutes a true and faithful representation of the products we offer. In addition, we include descriptions of the products so that you know the manufacturing material and the measurements, according to accounts are intended to provide an additional resource to all visitors who wish to make product purchases, hold pending orders, select favorites, or make future purchases. The alternative of creating an account is available to all visitors who are going to make a purchase.

The user can create an account, which will be approved by the administrative staff of the Site. They will have the authority to open, authorize and close user accounts when necessary, in accordance with this policy.

This resource is available to users over 18 years of age, who can read and accept the terms and conditions that affect user accounts, and those of the Website. Acceptance of these terms requires affirmative action in the process of creating an account and subsequent use of the account is subject to the same terms and conditions.

The use of the accounts is individual, this is to help us take care of your privacy, of the information you provide us and to ensure that the transactions made from your account are legitimate and desired. Accounts cannot be shared, and the registered information related to a user must correspond solely and exclusively to that user.

Duties & Responsabilities

1. Your safety is very important to us. That is why we will take care of the information that you provide to open the account, the order information, and the payment methods. For more information on privacy issues, access the Privacy Policy.
2. You must not share your access information with third parties.
3. You must comply with the terms and conditions of the Website, at all times. In addition, you must show desirable behavior and demonstrate lawful use of the account.
4. The use of third-party information to create a user account or place orders for products is prohibited.
5. You will not be able to download malicious material or material of any kind that affects the operation of the Website or user accounts.
6. You may not request, obtain, search or draw access and / or payment information from other users, for any reason.
7. The administrative staff of the Site may close, cancel and remove your account if they identify the illegal, fraudulent, malicious or detrimental use of it. You will receive a notice notifying you that the account will be closed and the steps to follow.
8. It is prohibited to open a new account to users who have been canceled due to non-compliance with the Site Policies; We reserve the right to cancel alternative or additional accounts that may be created as an alternative to cancellation.
9. The company reserves the right to cancel any economic transaction or purchase order in process, or pending that arises from alternate accounts to canceled accounts, or the fraudulent use of accounts.
10. You will not be able to facilitate or encourage to not comply with the terms and conditions of the Site, including the User Account Policy.

Inactive Accounts

Inactive accounts are for administrative purposes those who do not reflect use or movement in a 12 month period. However, inactive accounts are not automatically deactivated or canceled at any time. We recommend the constant use and updating of the account to avoid system changes that are unknown to the user during periods of inactivity.

Deactivating and cancelling accounts

The user, who wishes to deactivate their account, can do so following the account deactivating protocol that will be available in the account options. The information in the account including access information, including the access information, will remain stored and the user will be able to access it within a period of 24 months, using the activation option, within that period, from the deactivation. After that period, the account will be canceled and the information stored in the account will be deleted from our files.

Accounts with pending orders, or within 90 days of the last order, cannot be deactivated.

User accounts are not automatically deactivated at any time. However, it will be the user's responsibility to keep the information provided updated, as well as the payment methods and account preferences.

The demographic information of the user and their email will remain in our files indefinitely, for statistical and promotional purposes, except when the user specifically addresses by email to the administrative staff of the Site, the requests that it be removed.

After a cancellation, the user will not have the option to reverse the effects that is why we recommend that prior to the cancellation of the account, the user deactivate it.

Username & Password

The username for all accounts will be the email address provided when the account is created.

The creation of a password, helps us maintain a secure account, allowing the exclusive access, and also helps us in the authentication and validation of the provided information.

The following are the rules for what a password must include:

1. For better security, We recommend you use a password that is not associated to your name, date of birth, social security, address, or personal identification numbers.
2. We recommend you change your password every 6 months, this way you maintain it updated and avoid forgetting it.
3. In the event that you have to program a new password, either because you have forgotten the previous one or for security reasons, you should not use the last two passwords that you created and you should create a new one according to the same specifications.



Products purchased on our Website ship out of our facilities labeled and in optimal packaging conditions. If you receive a product that is not properly packaged, sealed or labeled, you should immediately contact our administrators and not use it, nor should you remove the label or make any alteration.

The company reserves all rights to the image and brand of its service and / or products, as applicable. It reserves the rights to the names, phrases, colors, shapes, dimensions, fonts, of the message on the packaging and labels of the product, where it may apply. It also respects, recognizes and reserves the rights that do not belong to it, on the registered products trademarks.



Publishing false advertisement is illegal and violators can be fined by the appropriate government entity. The "Federal Trade Commission" prohibits unfair sales, false and misleadingadvertisements, and illegal buying and selling schemes on the Internet. In our company We recognize and respect the regulations of law, offering the information, representations and products, according to our best understanding of the truth.

Our publications hold the best degree of fidelity available to us. We do our best to present our products in a real way that allows you to perceive details. However, we are not responsible for mistakes or differences that may exist between representation and reality.

Our publications may refer to terms commonly used in industry slang for the sole purpose of illustration. In no case should the words used be interpreted as offensive, demeaning, with the intention of discriminating, segmenting or offending. The descriptive words used on this Site should not be considered as guarantees.

Our publications may contain photography depicturing models and children under 18 years old. In every case the correspondent protocols have been pursuit to guarantee the legal acquirement of such material. The photos obtain by the Company are licensed or publish with the authors and models permission.  The photos depicting minors are use with the consent of the legal guardian or representation.    

Our publications include sending emails with promotional material and images to which the same terms apply. By accepting our terms and conditions, and offering your name and email, you will be registered with our promotional emails. If you wish to discontinue receiving information, you must send an email to _________________________.


Copyright, trademark, patents, licenses, registrations and all other intellectual property rights that exist at the moment or that arise, as a result of publications on our Website and social networks, including logos, phrases, colors, forms, written and visual content, among others, will remain under the sole property of the Company or of the people with licenses to it. The use of our trademark, content and intellectual property is prohibited without the express written consent of the Company. The improper or illegal use, manipulation or misrepresentation of the published content is prohibited. Unauthorized use of the trademark may entail billing for the unauthorized use, damages and any other remedy that may be applicable by law.

Our Website reserves the copyright on images that belong to it and recognizes the rights that authors may have for photos posted on the Site. The photos used for commercial purposes have been duly authorized. The photos where bodies of models are reflected in whole or in part have been posted with the sole purpose of exemplifying the piece that they model. The Company has the correspondent permissions on the use of the image, or has transferred rights for its participation in platforms or tools for this purpose.

Our designs, patterns and pictures are protected and the used for commercial purposes or reproduction is prohibited without the proper licensing companies consent.


DMCA NOTIFICATION “Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notification”

We respect the intellectual property of others.

If you believe that your copyrighted work has been copied in a way that constitutes an infringement of the laws that protect copyright, you must notify our Designated Agent, as provided in the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” of 1998 (DMCA).

In order for your claim to be valid under the DMCA, you must provide the following information when you outline your notice of copyright infringement:

A physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner. Identification of the protected work on which the violation claim falls.
Identification of the material that is claimed is being violated or has been violated, and that you want removed.
Reasonably sufficient information to allow the service provider to contact the complaining party. This information should include name, address, phone number, and if available, email address.
A statement where the complaining party "in good faith believes that the use of the material in the way that motivates the complaint is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law."
A statement that establishes that "the information in the notification is accurate", and that "under penalty of perjury, the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that has been allegedly violated"

The information above must be submitted in writing, by facsimile, or email, addressed to the following Designated Agent:

Attention to: Columpio Studio

Email: _________________________.


This information may not be interpreted as legal advice. For additional details regarding the required information for notices valid by the DMCA, see 17 U.S.C. 512 (c) (3).


Publish material obtained on our site, without prior express written consent, without proper accreditation or citation of the original source.
Sell or lease material obtained on our site.
Wholesale purchases, for private wholesale or retail resale.
Reproduce, duplicate, create derivatives, copy or otherwise exploit the material contained on our Website for any purpose, without express prior written consent.


You agree to use our Website only for legitimate purposes and in a way that does not lacerate, infringe, restrict or inhibit the rights or the use and enjoyment that others make of this Site. Prohibited behavior includes harassing, distressing or inconveniencing other users, transmitting obscene or offensive content, or interrupting the normal flow of dialogue within our Website.

You may not use the content of our Website for any marketing related purpose without our express written consent. You will not be able to make malicious, negligent or abusive use of our Site or its content.

Restricted Access

We reserve the right to restrict access to some or all parts of our Website in the future, if necessary, if at any moment We provide you with a Username or Password to access a restricted or specialized area of our Site, you must make sure that both are kept and handled under strict confidentiality. We are not responsible for third-party access to your private account, due to mishandling of access information or for unauthorized purchases arising from a properly verified account.



The company, its owners, shareholders, partners, sponsors and / or affiliates make statements, or allegations, but do not give any complete or certain security or guarantees of the content of this Website or any of the sites that link to it.

Limitation of Liability

The materials that are available on this Site are provided "as is". They do not have an express or implicit guarantee of any kind, including guarantees of merchantability, non-violation of intellectual property or suitability for any particular purpose. In no situation will the Company, its agents or officers, be liable for damages that may arise from the use or the inability to use the materials provided and products sold. These damages include, but are not limited to damages from loss of earnings, business interruption, loss of information, physical health damages, injury, or death. They will not be responsible, even if the company has been informed about the possibility of such damages or losses.

Specific Waivers

The Company releases responsibility for the use that users and clients may give to this Site and to the products that can be obtained on it. We release our responsibility on:

Health, life or death.
The use of purchased products.
Manufacturing defects.
Immediate, long-term, present, recessive, hidden damages, etc.
Loss of income, goods or property.
The effects of our advertising and marketing.
Damages to customers, for reasons they understand, are related to the use and enjoyment of our Site and products, as well as damages to third parties.
Damages caused to third parties.
Allergic reactions to product fabrication materials when the product details specify the materials used for fabrication.
Asphyxia for the wrongful use of packing and mailing materials.
Changes in the composition, form, size or design of the products due to prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions by the postal service or the Client.


The results and experiences obtained by users and clients could vary from that of the users and clients who gave their testimony. The satisfaction of each consumer can be based on different variables, such as the level of expectation, personal qualities, weight, height, measurements, knowledge, skills and many other factors. As the factors that impact satisfaction are different for each person, we cannot guarantee results, nor be held responsible in any way for the application of the obtained information.

In accordance with the guidelines of the "Federal Trade Company", related to the use of promotion and testimonials in advertising, keep in mind the following:

The testimonies that appear on this site are received through text, audio or videos presented by users freely and voluntarily. They are individual experiences that reflect the real life experiences of consumers who have used our products / services in one way or another, with satisfactory results.
Even so, they are individual results and may vary. We do not establish that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. These testimonials are not necessarily representative of all those who will use our products / services.
The testimonies shown (texts, audios and / or videos) are exact as they were expressed, except for corrections of grammatical or spelling errors. Some have been shortened and emphasis in some areas of the text. In other words, not the entire message received by the testimony writer has been demonstrated, when it seems too long or not all of the testimony is relevant to the general public.
We are not responsible for any of the opinions or comments published on our Site. We do not stand in solidarity with opinions that may be issued in public forums, on general or specific topics.
This website contains a forum for testimonials, but provides space for testimonials as a means of interaction between our visitors and users, where they can share their experiences with others. To prevent abuse, all testimonies appear after they have been reviewed by the administrative staff of the Company, or their authorized representative. We do not share the opinions, views or expressions of any of the testimonials on this Site, and are strictly the view of critics, users, visitors and followers.


This Website may contain external links to many other websites. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information obtained on the linked sites. These links to or from external websites not controlled by us do not constitute an endorsement of our Company or any of its employees, to the sponsors of those sites or of the products or information presented therein.




We prohibit the use of our website and / or services in any way associated with the transmission, distribution or delivery of any type of "Spam". By the term "Spam" is understood any unsolicited, unwanted email, or a massive volume of emails. You may not use any of our services to send "Spam". The distribution, emission, or launch of "Spam" is prohibited, as well as causing or promoting the conditions that cause the sending of "Spam" to all our clients.


In accordance, to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, 15 U.S.C. 7701, et seq., (Public Law No. 108-187, initially S.877 of the 108th Congress of the United States), the emails sent as well as the favoring of their sending, through our Website or of their services may not:


Use or contain invalid or falsified headings;
Use or contain invalid or nonexistent domain names;
Use or contain invalid or nonexistent domain names, , hides or obscures all information aimed at identifying the point of origin or the transmission path;
Use of other deceptive means to address;
Use the domain name of third parties, or transmit from or through the equipment of third parties without their permission;
Contain both false or misleading information, such as that which tends to create confusion, leading to falsehood or deception, either in the space provided for the title or in its content;
Refuse to comply with the additional technical standards described below;
In any other way violate our Terms of Use.


We do not authorize the exploitation, research or collection of email addresses or other information, from or through our Website or its services.


We do not allow or authorize others to use our services to be collected, group, compile, gather, collect, or obtain any information related to their customers or subscribers, including but not limited to subscribers email addresses.



We do not allow or authorize any attempt of use that in any way could cause disablement, overload, damages or losses in any aspect of all services, or that could interfere with the use and enjoyment of other interested parties in relation to our services.


If we have reason to believe that improper or unauthorized use of any service is being made, you are empowered, without prior notice and in your sole discretion, to take the necessary and appropriate actions, including blocking messages from an internet domain, mail server or IP address. We will terminate any account on any type of service when you determine, in your sole discretion, that you are transmitting or are otherwise connected to any email that violates this Policy.


This Policy is not an attempt to obtain rights to transmit or send emails to, or through the services or the Website. Failure to enforce this policy in one or all of its instances and meanings does not equal an exemption or waiver of the rights of the company.


The unauthorized use of any of the Company's services in connection with the transmission of unsolicited emails, including the transmission of these in violation of this Policy, could result in liability and / or civil, criminal or administrative penalties against those who send and those who assist or act in common agreement.


Violators of the “C-SPAM Act” will be subject to the available resources to obtain cease and desist orders, or penalties imposed by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) of up to $11,000.00for each violation. Criminal prosecution is also possible in cases of heinous offenses, which could result in penalties such as fines, confiscation of profits and equipment. The most serious offenses could be subject to imprisonment.

We are committed on keeping your email address confidential. We do not sell or lease our subscriber list to third parties, and we do not provide your personal information to third parties, government agencies, or companies at any time, except as required by law.

We will use your email address only to provide timely information about our company.

We will keep the information you send us via email, in accordance with applicable federal laws.

In accordance with the “CAN-SPAM Act”, any email sent from our organization will clearly show the originator of the email and how to contact him. In addition, all email messages will contain concise information on how to voluntarily remove yourself from the contact list and thus not receive our future communications.



Opting out of receiving communication

Our site provides users with the opportunity to opt out of receiving the communications we send or those sent by our partners, by reading the instructions to unsubscribe. They are located at the end of all our emails, at any time.

Users who do not wish to continue receiving our news or promotional material have the “option not to receive” these communications, by clicking on the link provided to remove the subscription in the email, or by sending us an email for this purpose to



Violation of any of the dispositions contained in our Policies will result in prohibiting user access and any other actions deemed necessary. Violation of some of our Policies could grant our Company legal, civil or criminal action, in which case the parties will submit to the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in those matters that are not preemption, and to the Federal jurisdiction of the United States of America in those that are.

We reserve the right to make any changes to this policy at any time, without notice. All changes will be notified to visitors, users and customers, effective as of the date of publication, unless the amendment contains any provision to the contrary. If at any time any clause of these Policies is declared null or ineffective by a Court, the others will remain in force.


Rev. 06/2021