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LEXI baguette


LEXI baguette


About the style:

The LEXI baguette is sized perfectly for any type of occasion. Think museum dates, coffee runs, dinner with your besties, you name it! This chic bag can handle carrying your wallet, keys, phone, charger, AirPods, a small notepad, pen, even a 16 oz water bottle and still look extra cute! 

About the print:

Inspired by playing dominoes at las fiestas familiares and the number 787 a.k.a the area code for Puerto Rico, I wanted this first original print to reflect my identity in a playful and nostalgic way. Having lived far from home for some time, homesickness hit me hard. This is my way of letting everyone know YO SOY BORICUA.


Shell: Celosía Velvet (100% polyester)

Lining: 100% Natural Recycled Organic Cotton, Hemp and Polyester Muslin


L9.5" x H6.5" x W1-1.5"


*Has a metal magnetic clasp closure.

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